Probably the single biggest joy of running your own company is that when someone comes up with a leftfield idea that maybe sits outside the company's usual remit, you can have a go at it and see where it goes.

For example, Feet on the Ground are currently involved in the Greaseball Rally, a bio-fuels project that's raising the profile of alternative fuels in a 'Wacky Races' stylee. Check out for more details.

We are working with a company called 'Three's a Crowd' to help develop their lifestyle website. Sounds fairly dry but when you consider that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is a director of Three's a Crowd and she throws some great parties, you can see where the fun comes in.
Check out

We are also involved in a number of music related projects so watch this space for more details. If you've got a madcap idea that we can help with, give us a call.

Contact Nick on 07800 662450 or Rob on 07776 170751

Ole Yeller participating in the Greaseball Rally 2007 on the road in Mexico.